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A Change in Trajectory, Inc (ACT) is a family-oriented agency that is committed to narrowing the developmental gap that children with special needs experience.

ACT provides in-home, school, clinic, and community-based services for individuals from infancy to adulthood who are at risk of developing a disability, have a diagnosis within the Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, and related special needs.

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A Change in Trajectory (ACT)

ACT is equipped with highly professional, courteous staff who are respectful of privacy and are dedicated to the individuals they serve. The operating model of ACT promotes personal growth and positive encouragement for consumers, families, and team members.All therapeutic services provided by ACT are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the most scientifically-validated approach for changing behavior. The treatment modalities used by ACT are evidence-based practices that range from naturalistic teaching methodologies such as Pivotal Response Training (PRT) to more structured methods such as Discrete Trial Training (DTT). Program development and implementation are data-driven to ensure the best outcome for the individuals we teach.
ACT utilizes a model of service delivery that is best described as the clinician-family partnership model. Parents are an integral part of the assessment and intervention from start to finish by helping establish goals of treatment, implementing behavioral procedures, and evaluating treatment outcomes. Parents have the best understanding of the unique strengths and deficits of their child with special needs. The child benefits greatly when parents and clinicians partner to create a custom-tailored program comprised of a range of evidence-based behavior treatments. At ACT, we know that every family has a unique story and experiences which are treated with the utmost respect.


ACT’s Vision

The vision is for all individuals with special needs to receive scientifically-validated treatment and as a result reach their potential and live a dignified and independent life within an inclusive and diverse community.


Mission Statement

Through caring and knowledgeable clinicians who design and implement treatment plans utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) technology and cultural awareness, individuals with special needs will learn new skills and eliminate challenging behaviors while navigating their social environment. ACT strongly upholds the belief that individuals with special needs have a right to a high quality of life within a diverse and inclusive community. Pursuing personal achievement and striving to fulfill ones’ potential is a natural right for all individuals. We believe that equipping individuals who have special needs with skills necessary for independent functioning can foster personal development and facilitate living a full and dignified life.


Guiding Rules

  • All individuals have the potential to develop skills beyond their current level and should be free of behaviors that cause injury or pain to themselves or others.
  • Functional skills that will be meaningful in an individual’s everyday life will be targeted in interventions. Goals selected for a curriculum are developmentally and socially significant.
  • Treatments are based on evidenced-based literature to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Reliable data is gathered on every targeted goal and will be analyzed in order to make informed decisions regarding type and direction of treatment.
  • Effectiveness of treatment is closely monitored. The program is expanded or edited according to the actual progress being made.

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